ShengJiang Crystal Chandelier Lifter


Style: With remote control
[CONTROL METHODS] With wireless remote contro.Remote control use 1pc 23A 12V battery.Not include.The electric winch can lift up to 220 lbs and and the lifting speed is 51″/min.
[FUNCTION] Conveniently and quickly lower the lamps suspended at high altitude to the ideal height. It is used for villa, folding villa, duplex, staircase, workshop, court and all indoor high- altitude lamps to carry out daily cleaning and maintenance, eliminating the labor of maintenance personnel climbing up and down; The dust is everywhere, and sanitation is always endless. Convenience and safety are the most important. It’s easy to drop and rise.
[DURABLE] 16.4FT(500cm) steel wires.
[STRONG MOTOR] AC110-120V 200W universal motor is used, which is characterized by small size and high power.
[PRODUCT SIZE] Diameter 12.99″x H2.36″(Dia 330mm x H60mm)

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Lifting Height <30feet & Lifting Weight <110pounds & Product weight=27.5pounds, Lifting Height <30feet & Lifting Weight <220pounds & Product weight=28.6pounds, Lifting Height <30feet & Lifting Weight <330pounds &Product weight=40pounds, Lifting Height <30feet & Lifting Weight <550pounds & Product weight=66pounds


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