Lamp lifter introduction

What is a lamp lifter, Shengjiang lamp lifter manufacturer will introduce to you:

The device can lower the lamps at a higher position to the working surface, and after the replacement or repair of electrical appliances is completed, the lamps can be automatically lifted to the original height to restore them to their original positions.
This device adopts remote control to control the ups and downs of lamps and lanterns. Applicable places for this device are: tall factories, warehouses, sports factories, supermarkets, large conference centers, exhibition halls, industrial factory lighting, urban street lights, residential street lights, tunnel lighting, workshops ,, shopping malls, large supermarkets, beverage factories, school gymnasiums, large and small enterprises, government units, railways, auditoriums, pharmaceuticals and other scenes.

With the development of society, lighting applications are becoming more and more scientific and humanized. Now, with the birth of Shengjiang intelligent remote control lifting lamps, it has completely solved the problems of high-altitude lighting maintenance and cleaning.

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