Where is the competitive market for Chinese LED display companies?

Since the 1990s, the entire high-definition LED display industry at home and abroad has been developing at a high speed. Especially in the past three years, due to fierce market competition, the industry has reshuffled. Many Chinese LED companies have realized the pressure of competition and stepped up their efforts. Large capital investment, continuous expansion of scale, and hard work on leading technology and differentiated competition, especially as LED lighting began to enter the era of application on a large scale, opened the prelude to the reform of domestic LED lighting. At present, the domestic LED market is already fully opened, and the export of LED products still accounts for a large proportion. It is understood that the domestic LED industry is concentrated in Shenzhen, and about 80% of the products are exported.

From this point of view, foreign demand is huge, and the export growth of LED products is strong. In recent years, the total export volume of LED has maintained an annual growth rate of 100%. In fact, different companies focus on domestic and foreign markets. For example, Lehman, Absen, and Alto invest heavily in foreign markets, while Unilumin, Lianjian and other companies are doing well in the domestic market. And companies like Kangshuo Electronics that focus on differentiated and creative products and take into account both domestic and foreign markets.

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