Analysis of the future development direction of full-color LED electronic display

In recent years, the reason why full-color LED electronic display has been widely favored and developed rapidly is inseparable from its advantages, because it has high brightness, miniaturization, low power consumption, long life, stable performance, low working voltage, and shock resistance. Features. Full-color LED electronic display screen has bright colors, strong three-dimensional sense, static like oil painting, moving like a movie, the development prospect of LED display screen is extremely broad, and its development direction is summarized as follows:


First, the LED display is developing in the direction of lightness

At present, the most popular product in the industry is the iron box screen. The weight of the light screen body weighs more than 50 kilograms per square meter. Adding the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy. Even if it is a small and medium-sized project of tens of square meters, the total weight must be in tons. In this way, it is difficult for many floors to bear such heavy attachments, and the load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept. Therefore, lightweight is also the development direction of LED electronic display.


Second, the LED display is developing in the direction of energy saving

LED (semiconductor light-emitting diode) itself is very energy-saving. Its characteristics are: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy control, and maintenance-free; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, with soft, bright, colorful and low loss , low energy consumption, is a green product. However, when it is made into an LED display, the power consumption is not small. The working voltage of LED is generally 3.2V, and the maximum working current is 0.02A, that is to say, the maximum power consumption is 0.06W. However, LED electronic displays are all large screens, which require many points to form. Take the outdoor P16 display screen as an example: there are 3906 dots per square meter, and there are three RGB lights per dot, then the power consumption calculation formula for one square meter is 3906 (dots)×3(lights)×0.02(A)× 5(V)=1172W (maximum power consumption, calculated on the basis of the entire screen), and outdoor screens are at least tens of square meters, or even hundreds of square meters, so the total power consumption is very large. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of LED displays and realizing real energy saving is definitely the most important development direction of LED displays.

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